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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a voluntary program for participants receiving HUD Section 8 Rental Assistance or living in Affordable Housing who wish to improve their financial situation, eliminate their dependence on public assistance and are motivated to changing their lives. The program emphasizes educational and vocational training that leads to full time consistent employment.

Each FSS participant creates a maximum five-year plan that includes employment goals and identifies training or education needs. There may be many barriers on the road to self-sufficiency. For this reason, an FSS coordinator works with each family individually to identify, locate and arrange the services they need to accomplish their goals.

Our Community Partners

The DBHA partners with agencies and businesses throughout the community to coordinate services for participants. Services might include assistance with child care, educational and vocational training, transportation, development of employability and business skills, job placement, financial counseling and personal money management.

The availability of an escrow account is established when the participant begins their FSS contract. This contract contains the participant’s personal goals to be completed while in the program. At the signing of the contract, the portion of the rent paid by the participant is frozen. As the participant becomes employed or advances in employment, their rent increases according to HUD program guidelines, but all increases in the portion of the rent which the participant is responsible for and pays is redirected into the participant’s escrow account. As the participant earns more income and pays higher rent amounts, the escrow account increases. If the family meets its goals within five years and remains free of public assistance for a period of one year, they will receive the funds in their escrow account. There are no restrictions in how escrow funds may be used.

Become a Community Partner with the Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)

Families on the road to self-sufficiency can encounter many obstacles, and for this reason there are a variety of ways to help. Ways in which organizations, businesses, and individuals can help families through our program include:

  • Job training and Employment opportunities

  • Life skills training

  • Cash or In-kind Donations to the FSS Child Care Subsidy Fund

  • Automobile repairs

  • Home furnishings

  • Gift Certificates for meals or groceries

  • Gift Certificates for household items, clothing, child and school supplies

  • Adopting a family during the Holidays

For more information please contact Betty Ferguson at (954) 428-0678 or via email at

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